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GKIDS Releasing Five Film Collection from Director Masaaki Yuasa

GKIDS has announced a stunning five-film collection featuring the works of Masaaki Yuasa. GKIDS has announced Masaaki Yuasa: Five Films, a collection of five animated...

GKIDS to Release Inu-Oh on Blu-Ray and DVD in January 2023

GKIDS has announced that they will be releasing Inu-Oh on blu-ray and DVD early in 2023. After taking the world by storm earlier this year,...

GKIDS is Releasing ‘Inu-Oh’ in U.S. Theaters this August

GKIDS has licensed Masaaki Yuasa's newest anime film, Inu-Oh, for a run in U.S. theaters later this year. GKIDS announced today that they have licensed...

Hasbro Reveals Star Wars New Republic E-wing Toy

The latest Star Wars toy reveal from Hasbro brings the New Republic E-wing, as seen in Ahsoka, to fans in a stunningly detailed Vintage...