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New Free Platform Could Change How Digital Comics Are Made


Microsoft's former lead engineering architect of Windows 95 & 98 has once again created a new platform!  This time, it's geared toward the Comic Book industry.  Come inside to find out more about Swipe!

The Pokemon Trading Card Game Hits iPads & iPhones Today!


Great news for all you Pokemaniacs out there, in that the Pokemon Trading Card Game online (which went live in Canada and some other countries last week), is now available here in the United States for gamers to pick up and play on their iOS mobile devices.  TCGamers...our time has come.  

Comic iPhone/iPad game film adaptation?


Hollywood has snagged up every idea they could find.  From comic books, to video games, and even board games.  Now, they're looking to tackle the iPhone.

Everything Is Canon: Huda F Are You?

On this episode of Everything is Canon, Steve talks to Huda Fahmy all about her new book, Huda F Are You? which is described...