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The Casual Cinecast reviews First Man & Bad Times at the...

The Casual Cinecast releases a super-sized episode this week with reviews of two new films, First Man and Bad Times at the El Royale! Each film will have a spoiler free section, followed by an all out spoiler-filled discussion. 

Roles Where Actors Portrayed Much Younger Characters

New Year’s resolutions are a time to work towards a transformation of your body and/or your life. To honor these goals, this month we’re going to look at transformative roles in film. This week we look at some prominent examples of actors playing characters that are much younger than the actors’ actual age.

Examining Hollywood Remakes: King Kong

Our series continues with a special installment that compares not just one but TWO remakes to a classic original. This week, Cinelinx goes ape and looks at all three versions of King Kong.

Examining Hollywood Remakes: True Grit

Remakes…Where would Hollywood be without them? In the third of our continuing weekly series on Hollywood remakes, it’s time to look at one of those very, very rare remakes that is actually better than the original. This week Cinelinx looks at the Cohen Brother's True Grit.

Disney Cancels Tron 3

Disney has just cancelled its production on the long awaited sequel to the Tron franchise.  Find out more details here.

First Trailer for The Giver Focuses on the Setting Instead of...

This week has brougth us a plethora of trailers already.  From the multitude yesterday, to this morning's final Amazing Spider-Man 2 trailer, we've seen a lot.  Not to be left behind, The Weinstein Company has now revealed the teaser trailer for the the upcoming adaptation of the classic book, The Giver.  Rather than focusing on the characters and story that make this book so intriguing, they've instead focused on the dystopic future.  Come inside to take a gander!

Jason’s Movie Review: R.I.P.D.

A movie with a strong hype going into it. Does it live up to it? Is another comedic role for Ryan Reynolds and Jeff bridges once again returning to a thick southern drawl enough to pull crowds and box office money. Or did it just fall flat. My review for you after the jump.


DVD REVIEW: The FBI: The Complete Fifth Season (1969-1970)

Cinelinx flashes its badge at the DVD set for the classic TV show The FBI: The Complete Fifth Season from Warner Archive!

TMP Reviews: TRON The Original Classic on Blu-ray

The Movie Pool breaks down the release - finally - of the Disney classic TRON on Blu-ray!

Box Office Top 10 January 7-9: True Grit Rides High

It may be cold outside, but the western remained hot for the first full week of January 2011. The Coen Brothers' True Grit climbed to the top of the box office for the weekend of January 7-9, 2011. The only new major release, Nicholas Cage's Season of the Witch, fared reasonably well during a slow weekend, despite reviews already crowning it the worst film of 2011.

Everything Is Canon: Halloween Special

In this special Halloween episode of Everything is Canon, Steve is joined by co-host Jessica Salafia Ward (LaughingPlace.com) as they speak with Disney Chills...