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Mads Mikkelsen to Play Gellert Grindelwald in Fantastic Beasts 3

A few of weeks ago, it was revealed that Johnny Depp would be stepping down as the evil dark wizard Gellert Grindelwald in the...

Mads Mikkelsen in talks to play Grindelwald in ‘Fantastic Beasts 3’

After the bombshell announcement that Johnny Depp would be exiting the Fantastic Beasts franchise (and the role of Grindelwald), it's now been learned that...

Johnny Depp No Longer Playing Grindelwald in Fantastic Beasts 3

Following the loss of his court battle against The Sun, Warner Bros. has asked Depp to give up the role of Grindelwald in the...

Career Breakthroughs: Johnny Depp

From Nightmare on Elm Street, to starring on 21 Jump Street, to a breakthrough role as Edward Scissorhands, Johnny Depp rose to fame in...

Why A Pirates of the Caribbean Reboot is A Bad Idea

Disney is working with the writers of Deadpool to create a potential reboot of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. It seems ridiculous to reboot a franchise where the last entry only came out 18 months ago. The franchise has also experienced declining profits for years and is increasingly unpopular due to the continuing involvement of Johnny Depp. Disney is once again showing a lack of originality by planning to reboot yet another franchise.

Dark Universe’s Future Seems Dark

The Dark Universe seemed to be ready to rock and roll. Full of A-List stars, writers, and directors. However now it looks like we have already shut the door on the universe.

New Trailer For Murder On The Orient Express

A second full length trailer for Murder On The Orient Express has hit the internet. I for one believe it was Dame Judi Dench, in the caboose, with the candle stick.

The Mummy Failed Due to Universal’s Bad Strategy

Universal Studios is hoping that their new “Dark Universe” will be the next MCU. So far, they’re off to a weak start. The Tom Cruise action flick The Mummy, which is the official beginning to the “Dark Universe”, is seriously underperforming at the box office. The movie’s poor performance highlights a major miscalculation that will continue to derail the “Dark Universe” unless Universal changes its strategy.

New Synopsis released for Pirates of The Caribbean: Dead Men Tell...

Yo Ho, all together. Hoist the colours high! We have a new official synopsis for Pirates of the Caribbean 5: Dead Men Tell No Tales.

Monster Men Unite: Universal’s Monster Reboot Has Its Team of Writers

The latest cinematic shared universe, which will consist of the classic monsters of film from Universal Studios movie library, is moving ahead. They’ve gathered a team of writers—some veteran, some fairly new—to act as the Think Tank who will oversee the rebooted Cinematic Monster Universe.

Geek Pick of the Week – The Art of Star Wars:...

The latest 'Art of' book from the galaxy far, far away plunges us deep into the first season of The Mandalorian for another impressive...