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JUSTICE LEAGUE Star Ray Fisher Continues To Call Out Director Joss...

It seems that JUSTICE LEAGUE star, Ray Fisher has more to get off of his cybernetic chest than just what he tweeted a day...

Joss Whedon Rebooting Buffy the Vampire Slayer With African American Lead

Buffy the Vampire Slayer is making a comeback!  Find out more within...

Warner Bros. Hires Bumblebee Writer to Revive Batgirl Film

After Joss Whedon's sudden departure, Warner Bros. and DC believe they have found the writer to resurrect the Batgirl film!  More within...

Joss Whedon Parts Ways with Batgirl

Batgirl see’s trouble ahead as Joss Whedon exits the project!


Zack Snyder Stepping Back from Justice League Following Personal Tragedy

Zack Snyder will not be able to finish the Justice League movie.  The reason behind his sudden departure is the most tragic thing no parent should ever have to endure.  More information below.

What Might Have Been: A History of Failed Alien Sequels

The Alien franchise has an interesting history not just because of the films that hit the big screen, but also because of the ones that did not. This is a look at some of the Alien films that came close to getting a greenlight, but were never made.

Joss Whedon Nearing Deal to Direct Batgirl Solo Film

Warner Bros. and DC are in the process of making massive move that could impact the future of the DCEU!  Come inside to learn more!

Five Important Lessons Hollywood Needs To Learn

Filmmakers think they know what we want, but do they really? Do the executives sitting behind big, round tables in the executive offices of the major movie studios really have their finger on the pulse of the public? In fact, it’s questionable if even some of the creative talent, such as big name directors really understand what the people want. (Looking at you, Zack Snyder!) Is the film industry headed in the right direction? Well, we’re offering some free advice to Hollywood today. Cinelinx is listing 5 lessons that the people behind the cameras and desks need to know.

Joss Whedon Says There’s a Big Problem With Movies Today

Popular director/writer Joss Whedon says that there is a problem with the current state of the movie industry, and part of the problem is the fans themselves. Read more to hear with Whedon had to say about the big flaw in films today.

Avengers: Age of Ultron Doing Reshoots: Loki’s role in MCU’s Phase...

Certain members of the cast of Avengers: Age of Ultron are being re-gathered in London by director/writer Joss Whedon for reshoots this January. Tom Hiddleston is listed among those scheduled to appearing in the additional scenes, confirming the rumor that he is, indeed, in the film. Also, it’s been announced that he will be in Avengers: Infinity War.

The Casual Cinecast Breaks Down Our Most Anticipated Films of 2021

Mike, Chris, and Justin are back in a new episode of the Casual Cinecast devoted entirely to looking ahead at the many films coming...