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UPDATE: ‘She-Hulk’ to Reportedly Begin Filming in November and More!

In an update to earlier reports, it is now believed that the  Disney+ series will begin filming in November 2020, and there have been...

Thor Enters the Arena In the Latest Photos from Thor: Ragnarok

New set photos have surfaced from Entertainment Weekly's next edition, featuring the cast of Thor: Ragnarok.  Come inside to see the photos and learn more about the third Thor movie!

Characters Who Could Appear in the Doctor Strange Sequel

With Marvel’s Doctor Strange being such a success, it’s only a matter of time before a sequel hits the big screen. The magical doctor has a long history in Marvel comics there are numerous characters who could show up. Which allies or enemies should appear in the next Doctor Strange film?

How Planet Hulk Will Fit Into Thor: Ragnarok

Ever since Mark Ruffalo made such a big splash as the Hulk in the Avengers, people have been hoping that we’d someday see a “Planet Hulk” movie. Well, we are finally going to get it…sort of.  Reports on new details about the plot of Thor: Ragnarok show how the green-skinned hero will fit into the story.

The Trick Is On The Magicians In the Trailer for Now...

The Four Horsemen have reappeared but a plot is afoot that will steal their spotlight!  Check the new trailer for Now You See Me 2!

2016 Oscar Previews: Part 2

Our Oscar coverage continues. Here we overview the best acting and best directing award nominees.

Hulk and Thor to ‘Buddy’ Up Against Evil in Thor: Ragnarok

In a recent interview with the New York Daily News, Mark Ruffalo revealed the next film in the Thor franchise to be a "Buddy Movie" between Thor and Hulk.  Read on for more.

7 Ways The Hulk Could Fit Into Thor: Ragnarok

With word currently spreading that the Hulk, played by Mark Ruffalo, will probably appear in the third Thor film, fans are speculating on what possible role the green skinned Avenger will play in the movie. Cinelinx looks at 7 ways that the Incredible Hulk could fit into the Ragnarok story.

[Update] Will The Hulk Team With Thor for Ragnarok?

The Hulk and Thor are the only two Avengers missing from next year's Captain America: Civil War film, but a new rumor suggests they'll team-up together in Thor's next solo outing, Ragnarok. Come inside to check out the scoop.  

No Hulk in Civil War?

After much speculation and rumors, Mark Ruffalo has put to bed the rumors about his Hulk appearing in Captain America: Civil War, saying his role was cut for something potentially bigger.  Come inside to see his quotes! 

Skywalker A Family at War (Book Review)

The galaxy’s most influential family gets a historical account in the latest Star Wars book. Chronicling the Skywalker journey from Shmi to Rey, it’s...