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Examining Hollywood remakes: The Departed

 Let’s talk remakes. Our series continues with a remake that was so good it won four Oscars, including Best Picture. This week, Cinelinx looks at The Departed (2006).

Eric’s Review: The Amazing Spider-Man

Let's be honest from the get-go. The question on everyone's mind when it comes to The Amazing Spider-Man is, "How is it in comparison to the three Tobey Maguire movies?" After all, it's only been five years since the last film in Sam Raimi's trilogy about the web slinging superhero. Forgive me if my review reads like a comparison chart, but isn't that what everyone is looking for?

The Double Blu-ray Review!

The Movie Pool gets a Cold War chill from The Double Blu-ray!

Sweet Hostage DVD Review

This made-for-television film, based on Nathaniel Benchley's book "Welcome to Xanadu", is  a gem among the recently released films from the Warner Brother's archives.

Aunt May and Uncle Ben set for ‘Spider-Man’ reboot

This Spider-Man reboot is certainly getting an interesting cast.  I’m surprised that Sony has (so far) strayed away from copying to much of the original casting choice.  For instance, Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire are vastly different actors.  Now, Sony has finally cast the titular hero’s famous aunt and uncle, and it’s an interesting couple indeed.

Everything Is Canon: Halloween Special

In this special Halloween episode of Everything is Canon, Steve is joined by co-host Jessica Salafia Ward (LaughingPlace.com) as they speak with Disney Chills...