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TMP’s Massive Summer Movie Guide 2011

This Summer TMP is working hard to ensure that you have all the information you need to traverse the dozens of top films coming out over the Summer movie season.  Including blockbusters, comedies, and even the art house indie films, TMP has you covered with all of the details.

TMP’s Summer 2011 Movie Guide: June

Summer 2011 is a big season for movies, and June is no exception.  Super hero epics, animated behemoths, alien thrillers, and more await us as TheMoviePool dives into one of the biggest months of the summer season.

(Check out the previous guide for May)

TMP’s Summer 2011 Movie Guide: May

It's kind of shocking to see all the films being released this summer.  There's going to be almost 50 wide release movies in the next four months alone!  Superhero blockbusters, comedy mega giants, and animated behemoths await us during this busy movie season.  Literally every week will see another blockbuster unleashed upon movie theaters.  It seems like such a daunting task to sort through them all, doesn't it?  But we here at TheMoviePool slogged through cinematic high waters to bring you the information you need.  Posters, trailers, pictures, and more await as we give you the skinny on every high profile movie releasing this summer.  Summer 2011 is going to be big...and we're going to kick it off in style.  Without furthur ado, here's Part One of our massive four part guide to Summer 2011 At the Movies.

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