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Knives Out Sequel Gets the Green Light

Looks like Daniel Craig's detective, Benoit Blanc, will be back for more complex crimesolving as Lionsgate has officially put a Knives Out sequel into...

SDCC 2019 Nancy Drew Panel

SDCC 2019 has come and gone but for those of you who could not make it there, we'll be posting some of the panels...

Stranger Things Season Two Stays Strong (Spoilers)

The critically lauded Netflix web-series Stranger Things has returned for a second season and it’s an entertainingly odd sophomore year. Most of the first-year cast is back, along with a few newbies, as the town of Hawkins, Indiana faces more Domogorgons from the Upside-Down. Beware of spoilers.

Should the New X-Files Focus On Old Plots or New Ones?

With the X-Files returning to TV for a six-episode run, what should the revived series focus on? Should they take the opportunity to wrap up existing, unresolved plots like the alien colonization, or should it shy away from the convoluted mythology in hopes of bringing in a new generation of viewers, which could lead to higher ratings and more episodes in the future?

So Long Psych: Series Finale Review


Shawn and Gus wrapped up their last crime in Santa Barbara last night in the series finale of Psych. Did the series wrap up with a bang or a whimper? Read our review to find out.

DVD REVIEW: Foyle’s War Set 7

Cinelinx enlists in Foyle's War: Set 7 on DVD!

Ian McKellen to Play Old Sherlock in New Film


We’ve had Young Sherlock Holmes and now we’re going to have an Old Sherlock, when Ian McKellen portrays a 93-year old version of the great detective in A Slight Trick of the Mind.


The Shadow: Behind the Mask DVD Review!

The Movie Pool knows what evil lurks in the heart of The Shadow: Behind the Mask on DVD!

Mr. Wong, Detective DVD Review

The Movie Pool keeps its private eye on the DVD release of Mr. Wong, Detective! The pun recession is over!

The Mystery of Mr. Wong DVD Review!

The Movie Pool thinks Wong is right for DVD. Yeah, we said it.

Last of Us 2 Delayed and QuakeCon Cancelled Due to Covid-19...

After a long break, The 2nd Opinion Podcast has returned! We are back with episode #288 and today we will talk about The Last...