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Olivia Wilde Tapped To Direct Untitled Female Centric Marvel Film For...

It has been no secret that Sony Pictures is expanding on its own universe of Marvel characters thanks in part to the success of...

BOOKSMART Arriving on Digital, Blu-ray and DVD

Olivia Wilde Makes Her Directorial Debut in the Fresh Comedy BOOKSMART which is set to make its way to your home very soon. The movie will...

Disney Cancels Tron 3

Disney has just cancelled its production on the long awaited sequel to the Tron franchise.  Find out more details here.

Olivia Wilde and Garrett Hedlund Returning for Tron 3

When we first heard about Tron 3 gearing up to shoot later this year, rumors were that Garrett Hedlund would be returning to star, but there was no word on whether or not Olivia Wilde would reprise her role.  Get ready fans, as they're both coming back.  

Rated: Rush (2013)

Best racing movie ever made? That’s up for debate, but what’s not up for debate is that Rush is a solid piece of film making that doesn’t surrender too much to traditional racing film clichés. 

BLU REVIEW: People Like Us

The Movie Pool meets the People Like Us Blu-ray!

The Change-Up Review

This summer a few of the guys that brought you beloved gems like ‘The Hangover’ and ‘Wedding Crashers’ decided to take their stab at the 80’s and make a body swapping raunch-com. The question of the day though is whether or not ‘The Change-Up’ is actually bringing anything new to the table that might make the movie worth the cost of admission.

Is Warner Bros. Wilde for Tomb Raider?

The hottie from House may have what it takes to overstep Jolie in the iconic role, according to some recent rumors and speculation.

Third Tron Legacy trailer is the best so far

At this point I feel almost obligated to inform you that Disney is NOT paying me to post all of this information about Tron Legacy.  Seriously, as much as I do, I don't want anyone to think that's the case.  The truth is, I'm just a really big nerd and can't get enough of this film.  Disney has released yet another theatrical trailer for this film, and hands down this is the best one so far.  While a good portion of the footage in the trailer is stuff we've seen before, the footage that is new, is absolutely stunning.

The Casual Cinecast Breaks Down Our Most Anticipated Films of 2021

Mike, Chris, and Justin are back in a new episode of the Casual Cinecast devoted entirely to looking ahead at the many films coming...