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MLB Becoming A Big Problem For Sony’s PlayStation Brand

There was some rather industry shaking news made when MLB The Show was announced for Xbox. While groundbreaking that a PlayStation developed game was...

Are Video Games Really A Waste Of Time?

If anyone came up to me to say video games are a waste of time, I’d argue with them. Anyone who laughs at my...

Celebrating 30 Years of Transformers: The Movie

Today marks the 30th anniversary of Transformers: The Movie hitting theaters and in honor of the event, our site's biggest Transformers fan talks about his experience upon seeing it for the first time all those years ago.  

Is Female Empowerment In Film Becoming Too Closely Linked to Female...

Why is it that female characters in films have reached a point where they are no longer considered strong or cool unless they employ violence? Is Hollywood teaching the wrong kind of Girl Power?  We take a look at this growing trend in films and the impact it may be having. 

Are We Ready For Virtual Reality?

 Virtual Reality is something which has fascinated gamers for decades. The promise of recreating or reinterpreting ones real-life surroundings in a computer-simulated environment is enough to excite even the firmest of skeptics. As a concept, it’s always been there, sitting on the cusp of the mainstream in what feels like perpetual development but for one reason or another hasn’t quite broken the threshold.

The Weekly Rhetoric: Will 3D Re-Releases Become the Next Hollywood Fad?

Hello and welcome to The Weekly Rhetoric, the one place on the internet where you'll find someone incoherently arguing a point with enough intensity to kill a baby lion cub!  Every week I'll take a subject, do the least amount of research I can, throw a couple paragraphs together in between episodes of Charles in Charge, and pass it off as real journalism!  For our sophomore showing, we'll pontificate the exact nature of re-releases.  Are they financially viable?  When did they become common, and what caused their downfall?  And, most important of all, could 3D become a selling point to get audiences back for another go around?

TMP Editor’s Corner: Staying Objective

They say love is a battlefield...and by “they” I really mean Pat Benitar.  However, it’s a saying that holds true and it’s not any different for movie lovers.  Sometimes that love can blind us to what’s really there, and make us be more apologetic than we should be.  Sometimes this can lead to bad and painful decisions when it comes to the movies we watch, or it can cause us to miss something great.  So that’s what I’m talking about in this month’s Editor’s Corner.

Marvel Reveals New Toys Based on Shang-Chi and the Legend of...

Hasbro has revealed their line-up of toys connected to Marvel's Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, from figures to role-play! A new Marvel...