Activision Releases Destiny 2 on PC for Free

Last year, the PC community shattered Activision's record for most units sold on PC.  One year later, Activision is saying thank you with two pretty cool gifts.  More within..

Turtle Beach Rolls Out Their Line of PC-focused Headsets Called ‘Atlas’

The premiere Headset brand, Turtle Beach, is finally getting into the PC Gaming market, with the announcement of their Atlas PC Headset line!  Created for the PC Master Race, but designed by esports greats, check out the new, affordable Turtle Beach Atlas line within...

New Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Trailer Shows How Amazing...

Activision and Treyarch has revealed something that is sure to make the PC Master Race smile.  Witness the PC trailer for Call of Duty Black Ops 4 in all its 4K glory!

QuakeCon 2018 | Quake Champions Interview

During QuakeCon 2018 we had the chance to talk with Joseph Boyle, Community Manager of Quake Champions about the game and how it's evolved over the last couple years. 

The Casual Cinecast Has a Brief Encounter In This Week’s Episode

On this week's Casually Criterion episode of the Cinecast, we're diving into David Lean's Brief Encounter, discuss the Snyder Cut announcement, and more! Mike, Justin,...