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PlayStation Plus Discounts for September 2014

As the cost of living continues to increase for most people, it sometimes becomes hard to find a good deal on the games you want to play. That is where Sony has stepped in. My goal is to inform the n00bs, and seasoned vets alike, of the monthly discounts offered through their store in hopes that, you too, will see the benefits of being a Plus member.

PlayStation All-Stars Finally Gets Balancing Update

After months of delay, PlayStation All-Stars is finally getting its almighty balancing update!

What PlayStation All-Stars Can Improve

PlayStation All-Stars is a great game that’s been getting all kinds of bad press recently. The studio that made the game has been downsized and cut from the game, and Sony has (perhaps unfortunately) hinted that future DLC plans are “changing” at Sony Santa Monica. Read into that what you will. I must say - I loved the game, and I hope to see a second in the series, but that’s not to say there can’t be improvements made. So, without further ado, here is what the second game could and should do better.

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale: The Game We Have Been Waiting For

I have always loved Super Smash Bros. and it’s the one game that has always made me miss having a Nintendo console. However I have always loved the idea of Sony doing something similar. So many characters to choose from, so many ideas, and it’s finally here! The two games are not the same at their core. Is the idea the same? Sure, but anyone that gives both games a shot will quickly learn they are two very different experiences. Which is a good thing, we get to see a very awesome game with very creative ideas. At its core, PlayStation All-Stars is a stellar fighting game about some of the most iconic characters in the industry.

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