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2nd Opinion Podcast #222 | WHAT HAPPENED TO COD!?


We're back for episode #222 of The 2nd Opinion Podcast! We talk about Black Ops 4, Quakecon, and more!

2nd Opinion Podcast | Off the Hinge #3 | WHEN POTATOS...


Welcome back to another 2nd Opinion Podcast, Off The Hinge! We we're invaded by potoatos! HELP!

2nd Opinion Podcast #221 | QUAKECON WILL BE HUGE!


QuakeCon is looking so amazing I am crying tears of BAWLS!

The Fathergamer Podcast #38 We take on QuakeCon 2014


Have you ever wondered what it's like to be press at a game convention? This episode is a great look into what went on behind the scenes with our coverage of QuakeCon 2014.

We sit around the table with our SCNS:Live Cinemates and discuss the BYOC, The Evil Within and what its like to cover a convention.

Gamevice Flex Launches Later this Month

Gamevice's all new portable gaming peripheral, the Gamevice Flex, now has a release date set for the end of this month, with pre-orders open...