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Remember Me Is Actually Rather Awesome

Remember Me was a surprise title for me when it was announced. We all knew this generation was coming to an end, yet we saw awesome games like The Last of Us and Remember Me get announced. Each game looked amazing in their own way, but Remember Me had everything I love, fantasy, technology, an amazing world with a vibrant unique story. Besides The Last of Us, it was one of my most anticipated titles, and so far its delivering for sure.


Remember Me Gets a Release Date and New Trailer

Capcom has announced a June 4 release date for Remember Me and has launched a new trailer to celebrate.

New Remember Me Trailer Shows off Gameplay and Story

Let's go all the way back to August 2012 during GamesCon when Capcom unveiled a brand new IP called Remember Me, that seemingly blew just about all of us away.  After that, we haven't heard much from the game.  Don't worry though, it didn't disappear, and Capcom has released a new trailer showing off some gameplay footage...and it still looks awesome. 

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