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Hobbs and Shaw – Movie Review

The epic buddy cop team-up movie we never knew we needed is finally here! Fast and Furious Presents: Hobbs and Shaw, starring Dwayne "The...

Hands-On With CryoFall

I'm always cautious when venturing into games in early access but that only makes me all the more pleased when I find those titles to be more than competent games with a bright future. CryoFall is one of those pleasant surprises, and my hands-on time with it makes me think it'll be a blast to play when it's fully released! Read on for my full preview. 

Prepare to Liberate Hope County with the Far Cry 5 Launch...

The highly-anticipated Ubisoft game, Far Cry 5, releases tomorrow!  Get ready by watching the launch trailer that fills you in on everything you need to know!

Product Review: Star Trek 30th Anniversary Symbiosis Beer

Some of the best things in life revolve around nerds so why should beer be any different? And today Rob and I sample some of this lovely stuff sent over from the Shmaltz Brewing Company.

Tuesday Toy Review: Lego Poe Dameron’s X-Wing

I couldn't help it anymore. the new lego set are too awesome to pass up. So without further ado here's my build and review of the Lego Poe Dameron X-Wing. It's color scheme is so great and honestly I'd love to see one in the standard X-Wong colors from the movie. But this set is a must have, and so's the Falcon, and the troop transport, you get the idea.

Picks From The Rack: Darth Vader, Convergence, Spider-Man 2099 & More!

DC's big Convergence event has started and this week's new episode of Picks From the Rack takes a look at a couple issues from the series, plus the latest goings-on with our favorite wall-crawlers, and lots more.  Come inside to watch!

It Follows Movie Review

It Follows has become the most talked about horror film of the season thanks to rave reviews and a ridiculous amount of press from not only genre outlets but mainstream ones as well. With so much hype surrounding it, I deemed it necessary to drop everything and see it as soon as possible. As I left the theater, I couldn’t shake the feeling that while what I saw was both engaging and thought-provoking it still somehow missed the mark of true terror.

Cora’s Anime Corner Issue #1: Star Driver

Welcome to an all new segment from Cinelinx contributer and host for SCNS Live Cora Barton. This will be a monthly segment where she tells you abotu some of the best anime out there you should be watching and her thoughts on it. For issue one Cora is taking a look at the Anime series Star Driver from Aniplex.

Picks From The Rack January 7th 2015

Hey guys it's time for the first Pick from The Rack for 2015. This week we're looking at Amazing Spider-man #12, Wolverines #1, Escape From New York #2, and my favorite Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #1. Also I sing the Squirrel Girl song at the end.

Picks From The Rack for 08/13/2014

Here's our Picks from the Rack for this week. Special thanks to my friend Krystle Starr for contributing this week.

Resident Evil Village Has GOTY Potential and Scared The Hell Out...

Welcome back to the 2nd Opinion Podcast! In this episode, we discuss More Problems for CDPR, New Playstation IP's, Xbox Gold Pricing, Metal Gear...