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Sony Announces Days Gone Release Date!

Sony is getting ahead of the E3 curb and boy do it make them look awesome!

Road to E3 2018 – What We Don’t Want to See

Every E3 season, we focus a ton of attention on everything we hope and dream to see during Gaming’s biggest time of the year, but there are those moments when we stare at the screen, elbowing our friend next to us, asking, “Why did they show us that?!”.  So, we’ve decided to discuss the few things we hope we don’t see at E3 2018!  Take a look & listen!

2nd Opinion Podcast #213 – The Future of Playstation is..Not Here?!

WAIT, The Playstation 5 may not come out until 2021? GOOD!


Help us change Detroits Future forever in this Road to E3 livestream event!

The Road to E3 | The Last of Us: Left Behind...

Now that we completed The Last of Us Remasterd, it is time to dive in the the DLC "LEFT BEHIND"!

2nd Opinion Podcast #212 – NO CAMPAIGN!?

Wait, you mean there is no campaign at all? Thanks a lot internet!

The Road to E3 | S0LEB PLAYS MAD MAX | OUR...

MAX is back and so are we for another ROAD TO E3 2018 livestream! WITNESS ME!

Jackass One: A Star Wars Podcast – Episode IXX

It’s another episode of Jackass One: A Star Wars Podcast, and The Galactic Senate are talking Ahsoka Tano! This week on Jackass One, Darth Jah-Cass...