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Legend: A Dragon Ball Tale is BREATHTAKING! | s0leb Reacts

Welcome Back All! We are back for another episode of s0leb Reacts, in this episode we are finally getting around to watching #LegendADragonBallTale by...

So RoboCop and Terminator Are Getting New Games!? | S0LEB REACTS

I was very surprised to see the reveal of not just one, but two of my favorite series being made into video games. Though...

The Matrix Resurrections Brings Hope to Fans | S0LEB REACTS

Welcome back to another #S0LEBREACTS, Today we are checking out Warner Brothers first trailer for the #MatrixResurrections! The Matrix series has always been near...

Gamevice Flex Launches Later this Month

Gamevice's all new portable gaming peripheral, the Gamevice Flex, now has a release date set for the end of this month, with pre-orders open...