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Malcolm D. Lee is the New Director for ‘Space Jam 2’

As work continues on Space Jam 2, word has come out that the project has a new director, as Terence Nance is officially out,...

TMP’s Prelude to 2012—Part 2: John Carter, The Hunger Games, Wrath...

March and April have quickly become more and more populated.  It seems like all the rejected summer blockbusters flock to these two months, hoping the lack of competition will garner them box office glory.  Well it doesn't always work, you can't deny that there is money to be made during these two months.  And, evident from today's Prelude to 2012, studios want as much money as they can squeeze from these two months.  Hit the jump for full details on over 25 films hoping to make an impact in the limbo between Summer and the beginning of the year.  Who knows...you may just find something you'll like.

Defying all logic, Scary Movie 5 is happening

It's a testament to just how slow of a news day it is, when I decide to post an article pertaining to Scary Movie.  In short, I hate these films.  I attribute the downfall of good parodies to this franchise.  They helped spawn films like Meet the Spartans, Not Another Teen Movie, Superhero Movie, and Disaster Movie.  Noe of those are good things and only brought down the entire comedic genre.  Now it looks like we're getting another Scary Movie.

21 and 22 Jump Street coming to 4K ULTRA HD

The Jump Street movie series is making its way to 4K Ultra this September 15th. 21 Jump Street and 22 Jump Street starring Jonah...