Everything Everywhere All At Once Trailer: Michelle Yeoh Must Save the...

A24 has dropped the first trailer for Everything Everywhere All At Once, a new Sci-Fi/Kung Fu film starring Michelle Yeoh. You'd be hard pressed...

Embark on The Ultimate Hunt This Holiday Season With The Predator...


20th Century Fox has announced the release date and details for The Predator on 4K Ultra HD and blu-ray, arriving just in time to fill your stockings. Come inside for all the details!

Annihilation Arrives on Blu-Ray/Ultra HD Next Month


Paramount has announced the details and release date for Alex Garland's latest sci-fi movie, Annihilation, bringing the trippy film to the comfort of your home. Come inside for all the details!

Independence Day 20th Anniversary Blu-Ray Gets a Cool Collector’s Set


Fox is releasing a newly remastered version of Independence Day to celebrate it's 20th anniversary and is just in time for this year's long-gestating sequel.  It comes with a new special feature, and a swanky collector's edition for big fans.  Come inside to learn more!

The Casual Cinecast Gathers ‘The Boys’ to Check Out ‘Thief’

Justin and Mike's latest Casually Criterion discussion on the Cinecast puts the focus on Michael Mann's Thief, plus some Hit Man and The Boys...