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SEGA Ages is Getting a Nintendo Switch Revival

SEGA is pulling from its back catalog to give modern gamers on the Switch some retro goodness to enjoy with the revival of SEGA Ages later this Summer. Come inside to check out the first five games coming!

Shenmue I and II Are Being Re-released for Xbox One, PS4,...

Re-live one of the greatest gaming series of all-time when Shenmue I & II make their way to current gen systems, later this year!  More within...


Get ready, SEGA fans! A huge collection of Classic SEGA games is about to hit the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in May. Check out what's included, right here! 

Total War Thrones of Britannia – Welsh cinematic trailer

 A new cinematic trailer in the Total war Saga series has landed and we get a look at King Anaraut and the Welsh armies. Check out the video below:

SEGA and its Studios Announce Make War Not Love 5 –...

Want to win some fantastic prizes and get some free goodies? Who doesn't! SEGA is dishing it out with their Make War Not Love event, and it's promising to be quite the shindig. Keep reading to find out how you can participate! 

Total War: Three Kingdoms Announced

WAR, what is it good for … Probably a 33 year long series of video games. In the 14th century, Luo Guanzhong wrote a historical novel based on the end of the Han Dynasty and the Three Kingdoms period in Chinese history. Today Creative Assembly announced the new historical strategy game Total War: Three Kingdoms, the next major historical title in the Total War strategy series, and the first to explore ancient China, will launch in Fall 2018.



Night Trap’s Upcoming Re-release and What It Means For Modern Gamers

The infamous Sega interactive movie video game, Night Trap, is celebrating its 25th anniversary this August with a re-release! With the industry's current trend of re-releasing video games, why is Night Trap receiving this same treatment? And what does this re-released version of a game made in the early 90s have to offer gamers in 2017? Stop in and find out, right here!

Total War: Warhammer II release date and special edition announced.

E3 is upon us once again and with E3 comes war. Total War: Warhammer II will hit the shelves September 28th 2017. We still do not know the fourth race that will join the Lizardmen, High Elves, and Dark elves clash on the field of battle.


Re-live the War in the Valkyria Chronicles Remastered Story Trailer

The Second Europan War is back on as SEGA has remastered Valkyria Chronicles for the Playstation 4!  Check out the revamped story trailer!

Join the Fight in the Projext X Zone 2 Final Trailer

The battle is about to begin when Project X Zone 2 comes out next week!  In advance of this, we have a final trailer, featuring a few new characters.  Take a look!

Last of Us 2 Delayed and QuakeCon Cancelled Due to Covid-19...

After a long break, The 2nd Opinion Podcast has returned! We are back with episode #288 and today we will talk about The Last...