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Arcade1Up Brings 5 SEGA Classics to New Cabinet

Starting today, game fans will be able to pick up the all new Golden Axe-themed cabinet from Arcade1Up! If you're an arcade fan and a...

Team Sonic Racing – REVIEW

Over the years, racing games have gone from once dominating every console to now being a genre that is running really low on fuel. That is until now, Sumo Digital and SEGA have not only created a fun Sonic game but they have turned me into a Sonic fan once again with Team Sonic Racing...let's dive in!

2nd Opinion Podcast Episode #346 | THE REUNION SHOW

“In this episode, the original hosts are reunited in a special video episode.  Jason “Skelly” Belec, Jeremy “ToasterMcghee” Roughan, and Caleb “Soleb” Gayle! The...