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Summit Wants Tom Cruise to Play Ramirez in Highlander Reboot

Looks like the wheels are churning once again over at Summit Entertainment on their long-gestating Highlander reboot/remake, in that reports have come in now that the filmmakers are hoping to court Tom Cruise to play the mentor role of Ramirez, previously brought to life by Sean Connery.  Come inside for the details!

Michael Caine joins the cast of The Last Witch Hunter

The legendary Michael Caine has joined the cast of Lionsgate's The Last Witch Hunter which also stars Vin Diesel and Rose Leslie. Diesel is also producing the film alongside Mark Canton and Bernie Goldman.

Rebels Interfere With President Snow’s Second Speech From the Capitol

Today brings another tease for the upcoming The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1 in the form of another direct message from President Snow addressing the citizens of Panem.  The previous "message" was a chilling video with veiled threats, and this new one starts off much the same...until the video gets hijacked.  Come inside to check it out. 

Summit Entertainment Announces Release Dates for Allegiant Part 1 & 2

What do you do when you have the successful rights to a book franchise?  Well, you split the final chapter into two separate movies of course.  It's a precedent that started with Harry Potter, and has extended through Twilight, Hunger Games, and now the final book in the trilogy kicked off by Divergent.  Summit made the news official today and announced release dates for both parts of the final chapter in the book adaptation series.  

RED Director Robert Schwentke Chosen to Helm Insurgent

Summit Entertainment's Divergent hasn't hit theaters yet, but that hasn't stopped the company from moving forward and working on the movie adapatations of the other books in the series.  While we've known for a little bit now that the Divergent director wouldn't be able to return for the sequel, Summit has now announced that Robert Schwentke will be taking over.  Come inside for all the details!

Summit Entertainment’s Sci-Fi Adaptation, Divergent, Casts its Male Lead

With the inexplicable success of The Twilight Saga, and the much more well-deserved accolades for The Hunger Games, Summit Entertainment seems to have cornered the market on young adult novel adaptations.  Their latest film, Divergent, is on the way and has cast one of it's lead characters "Four". 

Wanna Know the Entire Plot of Ender’s Game? Read the...

Production has been pretty quiet on the Ender’s Game film since the first pictures were released a few months back.  A couple months ago we would have assumed that, by this point, we would have gotten a trailer for the film (at the very least).  But back then, Ender’s Game was set to hit theaters in March 2013.  But then it was delayed to later that year, in November.  So well you shouldn’t expect to see much from Ender’s Game for the foreseeable future, you can read the official synopsis for the film below.  If you want to know almost everything that happens in the book, that is.

New Director for Highlander Remake Officially Chosen

News was floating about yesterday that a new director was in talks for Summit Entertainment's Highlander remake.  Well, Summit Entertainment has now issued a press release confirming the news, and a brief plot summary.

Summit and RCR Media Group Fully Finances Justin Lin’s Highlander Reboot!

Well this is finally some good news for Highlander fans across the globe. RCR Media Group is ready to ante up and will co-finance the Highlander reboot alongside Summit Entertainment. At the helm is none other than director Justin Lin of the high octane Fast Five who is also slated to direct the fully financed Terminator.

TMP Brings You 8 New ‘Breaking Dawn’ Images

It may not have been headlining news, since Bin Laden and the U.S. military took that honor, but many of our Twi-hard audience has been waiting for any Breaking Dawn news and tidbits to be offered by the movie studios. We, at TheMoviePool, try our best to help feed your sparkly vampire addiction with eight new pictures to feast your eyes upon. Let the screaming begin!

The Ones We’re Meant To Find – Book Review/Blog Tour

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