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Henry Cavill Will Star as Geralt of Rivia in the Netflix...

Superman has left Metropolis and entered the world of The Witcher! Demons, Ghouls, and Thevies beware, for Superman is here!

Is the DC Film Universe Relying Too Heavily On Batman?

There’s no denying that Batman is one of the most popular—arguably the most popular—comic book hero. The Nolan/Bale Batman trilogy was a financial and critical super hit.  Naturally, the Bat is going to figure prominently in DC/Warner Bros plans for its shared universe. However, is he becoming too much of a crutch for the company as their plans move forward? Cinelinx looks at the movie version of Batman and whether he should be the dominate figure in the DCCU.

BREAKING: Lex Luthor and Alfred cast in Batman vs. Superman!

It is official! Lex Luthor and Alfred have been cast for the upcoming Man of Steel sequel (still being referred to as Batman vs. Superman) movie and I bet you will be as shocked as we were. Come on in and see!

Ben Affleck Cast as the Next Batman; Release Date Revealed for...

Well folks, we can finally put all the speculation and rumors to rest, as Warner Bros. has officially revealed who they've cast as the next Batman...Ben Affleck!  Even more exciting, the press release of the announcement has also revealed the official release date (but not the title) of the Batman/Superman film.  Come inside for all the details. 

Superman Gains Antje Traue as Faora

There are many things to talk about when it comes to movie announcements. Throw in a comic book hero and the news becomes even better. Well now not only is Marvel shooting for the big bucks with their franchises, but WB and DC Comics are not holding back any longer.


5 Ways Zach Snyder can make the new Superman movie awesome

With Zack Snyder heading up Superman: The Man of Steel, expectations are high that the man behind 300 and Watchmen can bring a Dark Knight-level of success to Big Blue. As Superman Returns proved, however, achieving greatness isn't easy. Like so many superhero films of late, what seemed like a great idea for a Superman story didn't quite materialize on the big screen. 

Man of Steel is set to begin filming this year, so I've thought hard about how the director can really make this film work.  I've now compiled five different ways Zach Snyder can make us all happy to see the Last Son of Krypton on the big screen again.

New Avatar Comic Takes the Story Beyond the First Film

Dark Horse has announced a brand new Avatar comic mini-series that will partially fill the gap between the James Cameron's first movie and the...