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TFW 2015: Skeet Ulrich Tells Us His Favorite Scary Movie

I attended the 2015 Texas Frightmare Weekend the same way I do every year. This year I decided to come up with a plan of attack for my interviews and convention coverage. One of the main themes of this year's Texas Frightmare Weekend was the Scream films. I decided to ask all the actors at the event a two-part question that was relevant to the Scream theme: "What's your favorite scary movie and why?" 

TFW 2015: Lord Scourge Speaks! What’s His Favorite Scary Movie?

I attended the 2015 Texas Frightmare Weekend and thought it made sense to post the first video of this year's video interviews in conjunction with "May the 4th Be With You Day" and "Revenge of the 5th" Day. One of the themes of this year's convention was the Scream films. I had the opportunity to interview actor and model Joseph Gatt, who voiced Lord Scourge in Star Wars: The Old Republic. He's been in movies like Thor, Star Trek Into Darkness, Pulse, Banshee, Teen Wolf, and more. Gatt also voices legendary characters in other video games such as The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, and God of War: Ascension.

Texas Frightmare Weekend Haunts Dallas, TX This Weekend

The beginning of May every year means one thing to me and thousands of other horror fanatics around the world. For the past ten years, it’s meant we’ve arrived at another annual Texas Frightmare Weekend. It’s the only event in the Lone Star State that brings together genre actors and artists that we not only grew up watching but are still enjoying on the silver screen and television. 2015’s convention lineup is no different as we welcome actors from Scream, The Craft, A Nightmare on Elm Street 2, and Phantasm to name a few. The terrifying fun kicks off this coming Friday, May 1st at the Hyatt Regency located on the grounds of the DFW Airport.

Thousands of Horror Fans Gather for Texas Frightmare Weekend

Thousands of horror fans invaded the Hyatt-Regency Hotel at the DFW Airport on May 2, 3, and 4 for 2014's annual Texas Frightmare Weekend. The three day event boasts one of the largest gatherings of genre celebrities in the Southern United States. It's a hotspot for enthusiasts looking to meet their favorite actors and buy the latest and hard-to-find collectibles the terror industry has to offer.

Horror Fans Unite at 2014 Texas Frightmare Weekend

Things are going to get terrifying in Dallas, TX the weekend of May 2nd, 3rd, and 4th. The annual Texas Frightmare Weekend brings thousands of fans from all over the world to the Hyatt Regency Hotel on the grounds of the DFW Airport. Each one is looking for their opportunity to meet the several dozen horror celebrities in attendance.

TFW Q&A: The Boondock Saints


The Boondock Saints get wild and rowdy as they discuss current projects, Boondock Saints 3, and the incomprehensible genius of David Della Rocco.

*Warning: Mature language throughout

The 10 Most Terrifying Movie Moments

In honor of THEMOVIEPOOL’s upcoming presence at the premier horror convention, Texas Frightmare Weekend (April 29th - May 1st), we at TMP have compiled a list of the most terrifying (and memorable) moments in cinema.

TFW – The best little horror convention in Texas

This past weekend saw the annual Texas Frightmare Weekend pull through Irving, TX at the Grand Sheraton Hotel.  For the past five years, Anchor Bay Entertainment has delivered the best in Horror Conventions, with symposiums on Special Effects, Horror Writing, Film Production, Movie Prop Auctions and the biggest guests in Horror Film history.  The Movie Pool spent a day with the dead and survived to bring you the story.

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