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The Three Musketeers 3D Blu-ray Review!

The Movie Pool gets a Milla Jovovich fix from The Three Musketeers 3D Blu-ray!

Gone and Definitely Forgotten: 15 Films You Probably Forgot Came Out...

Wow, we're already a month into 2012. Can you believe it? Hell, it seems like yesterday when we were looking forward to the New Year. Now, we're already 1/12 of the way done with it!  Despite how fast it feels at the current moment, years are actually pretty damn long.  Because of this, it's pretty easy to forgot about mediocre films.  A year after the fact, I always gawk in amazement that certain films came out the year previously.  It seemed like such a long time ago, yet it's only been twelve months.  Below is fifteen of these films, the unsung losers of 2011.  They may not be bad...but they are certainly forgetable.  

Poster Madness: Conan The Barbarian, Harry Potter, and More!

Character posters seem to be the big thing right now in marketing.  So instead of getting one really badass poster for a film...we get a whole bunch of mediocre ones.  This week is no different as several new posters have come out, so we've lumped them all together.

First Trailer for Paul W.S. Anderson’s Three Musketeers is Action Packed

Well, I started off the day really hoping that I'd be seeing a Green Lantern trailer at some point.  It was a foolish hope, but still I kept my fingers crossed.  When none showed up, I counted the day as a loss for trailers.  But then the teaser for The Three Musketeers 3D dropped, and I felt much better.

The Casual Cinecast Discusses Five Easy Pieces, Loki, and More!

It's a new Casually Criterion episode in our latest Cinecast as we discuss Five Easy Pieces and share our thoughts on streaming TV. This...