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[Update] Sounds Like The Wachowski’s are Back for More Matrix

According to a recent interview it sounds like Lana and Lilly Wachowski are returning to the Matrix to help with its return to the...

The Ten Best Action Scenes in The Matrix Trilogy

No one argues that The Matrix films don’t feature a lot of creative, mind-blowing action sequences. But what is open for discussion is which of the film’s various action sequences is the best. Join us as we make our argument for the ten best action scenes in The Matrix trilogy.

The Influences Behind The Matrix

The Matrix is seen as a ground-breaking science fiction action film. But many of the film’s most interesting aspects were actually influenced by other, earlier works of fiction and philosophy.

How The Matrix Changed Movies Forever

This month marks 20 years since the release of The Matrix. Join us as we take a journey back through those two decades to see just how much has changed as a result of The Matrix’s innovations.

Directors’ Trademarks: The Wachowskis

At least once a month, Cinelinx will chose a director for an in-depth examination of the “signatures” that they leave behind in their work. This month we’re examining the trademark style and calling signs of Andy and Lana Wachowski working collectively as the directing team known as "The Wachowskis".

My Guilty Pleasure Movie: Speed Racer

Every movie can’t be dynamite. Often enough, they suck. Speed Racer is one of those films that many people agree to be not so great. Although this is the popular consensus, it’s a film that some of us can’t help but enjoy.

Jupiter Ascending Gets Last Minute Delay to 2015

In some very shocking and unexpected news tonight, The Wachowski's (The Matrix trilogy, Cloud Atlas) newest science fiction film that was set to release in theaters in just over a month (July 18th), has been delayed till 2015!  If you're a Wachowski fan who's been anxiously awaiting this Summer title, the wait just got quite a bit longer.  

Jupiter Ascending’s New Trailer Paints a Gorgeous Sci-Fi Adventure

Last night, Warner Bros. dropped a brand new trailer for the Wachowski siblings' latest film, Jupiter Ascending.  While their last few films weren't huge at the box office, there's no denying the beauty of this trailer, nor the epic scope they're trying for with their new film.  Come inside to check out the newest trailer, which is oh so pretty!  

4 Reasons it’s Okay to be Excited for More Matrix Movies

I will say this to start...I am a Matrix fan.  Not only am I a fan, but I actually like all of the movies.  Yes even the third one, which for some reason hating it has become about as popular as blowjobs.  Friday brought a big rumor that Warner Bros. and the Wachowski's are working on another Matrix trilogy, and since that report there seems to be a lot of division on the Internet about it.  There are those who are excited about it and those who want nothing to do with it.  I'm of the opinion that more people are excited about it than they're willing to show, so I'm here to try and explain why it's okay to be happy for this news if it's true.

A New The Matrix Trilogy is Possibly in the Works at...

Brace yourself internet, as a new rumor is on the prowl about another massive movie franchise making a return to the big screen.  It's been rumored in the past, but it's once again resurfacing that the Wachowski siblings are currently prepping a brand new series of The Matrix movies for Warner Bros.  Come inside to check out the scoop!

Everything Is Canon: A Dark And Hollow Star

In this episode of Everything is Canon, Steve talks with author Ashley Shuttleworth all about their fantastic debut novel, A Dark and Hollow Star! This...