Biomutant Review: A Big Swing That Misses The Mark

For several years now, THQNordic has been hyping players up for their open-world AAA adventure, Biomutant. Now that it’s out, does it live up...

Remastered ‘Kingdoms of Amalur’ Called ‘Re-Reckoning’ Releasing in August

An accidental leak has led to a surprising return of one of 2012's most ambitious RPG titles. On Wednesday, the Microsoft Store featured an...

THQ Nordic Details Darksiders III Release Date and Special Editions

For what feels like years, THQ Nordic has been teasing Darksiders III with no official release date to look forward to.  That is, until now!  Find out when Darksiders III will be playable and how to show that you're the biggest Darksiders fan with the Apocalyse Edition that puts all Collector's Editions to shame!

2nd Opinion Podcast #194 | MY CALL OF DUTY IS BETTER!!

We here at Cinelinx are over the moon to share with you the news that we have partnered with 2nd Opinion Productions!  S0leb and his team have worked hard over the years to produce in-depth, relatable, and fun content for everyone to enjoy!  Part of this partnership means that The 2nd Opinion Podcast will now be joining the Cinelinx family of shows!  So, without further ado, here is the debut episode of The 2nd Opinion Podcast on Cinelinx!

On this episode, s0leb and TJ talk about the growth of Quakecon, THQNordic regaining the rights to Saints Row, Spyro the Dragon's return, and a very special Call of Duty-themed Face2Face!

Interpret the law as you see fit in This Is the...

This Is the Police was a mix of the adventure and management genres where decisions mattered and you policed as you saw fit. This Is the Police 2 promises that and more, including heavier aspects of strategic and tactical gameplay, all while tackling serious themes and moral ambiguities. Continue reading to learn more about This Is the Police 2 and when it'll be released. 

Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy Coming to PC, Mac, and Linux

THQ Nordic's Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy is a title from 2003 that you may remember playing on the PlayStation 2, Game Cube, or Xbox. But if you missed out on this action-adventure game and want to play it on something more modern, you're in luck! Come on in and find out what the PC port has in store!

THQ Nordic announces a new project: Black Mirror set to release...

Love horror games and want something spine-chilling to play this autumn? Look no farther than Black Mirror, a gothic horror adventure. We have the haunting announcement trailer here for your viewing pleasure, and information on Black Mirror's upcoming release. So come on in, if you're not too afraid, that is.

THQNordic Introduces Their New Open-World RPG ELEX

THQNordic has finally revealed the first cinematic trailer for the Open-World RPG, Elex.  Check out the video and what the game is about below!

THQNordic Confirms Darksiders III With A Trailer

Another day, another retailer leaking out details of a game that hasn't been announced yet.  In an effort to get ahead of the story, THQNordic has confirmed Darksiders III with a swanky new trailer!

The Casual Cinecast Discusses Five Easy Pieces, Loki, and More!

It's a new Casually Criterion episode in our latest Cinecast as we discuss Five Easy Pieces and share our thoughts on streaming TV. This...