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The First Trailer for Ad Astra Has Finally Arrived

Ad Astra has had an interesting development to say the very least. The science-fiction adventure starring Brad Pitt was previously scheduled to release on...

Chris Hemsworth In Talks for Men In Black Spinoff


One of Hollywood's biggest stars could be donning the trademark suit and tie, accompanied by the neuralizer, as Chris Hemsworth is being eyed to play the lead in Sony's Men in Black spin-off!  More within...

Examining Hollywood Remakes–Captain America: The First Avenger


 Our series on remakes continues and this time we’ve got one that you may not even realize was filmed in live-action before. In honor of the release of Captain America: Civil War on Friday, we’re talking about the star spangled man with the plan. This week, Cinelinx looks at Captain America: The First Avenger.

Discover the Truth About Jason Bourne in New Trailer


It's been a few months since we heard from Jason Bourne, during the Super Bowl teaser.  Today, we get the whole story in the new full length trailer by Universal.  Take a look!

Double Duty: 9 Actors who’ve Played Both Marvel and DC Characters


Daredevil moonlighting as Batman? For some actors, one comic book character isn’t enough, nor is one comic publisher. Some actors have jumped the fence between Marvel and DC, playing characters from both companies.

Blu-ray Review: ‘U.S. Marshals’


What do you do when you release a movie and the co-star's character makes just as much of an impact on viewers as the main actor? Obviously you find a way to exploit the situation by coming up with another project to put that actor and character into. That's exactly what producers of "The Fugitive" did with Tommy Lee Jones' law enforcer, Sam Gerard.

The Brand New ‘Men in Black 3’ Trailer is Still Uniformly...


Yesterday, the brand new trailer for Men in Black 3 premiered early yesterday.  But we decided not to run an article yesterday about it...cause we didn't care.  We just didn't care.  But if you have an inkling for lame CGI 3D sequels that are a decade behind the times, check out the trailer after the jump!

Teaser set photos from ‘Men in Black III’ reveal Josh Brolin...


Josh Brolin made his debut across the set of the upcoming Men in Black III, as he will be portraying the role of young Agent K, Tommy Lee Jones’ character.

Everything Is Canon: Huda F Are You?

On this episode of Everything is Canon, Steve talks to Huda Fahmy all about her new book, Huda F Are You? which is described...