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Transformers Titan Scale Toys Return!

At NYCC we were teased with the phrase “Titans Return” where we got to see images of some fan favorite stuff returning like Headmasters and characters like Blaster and Galvatron were getting new figures.  Today, Hasbro has pulled back the curtain a little bit on a new LARGE scale figure for fans. 

Toy Review Wednesday: Masterpiece Star Saber

Okay I know I'm a day late but it's for a good reason. Thanks to a certain delivery service this got to me a few days late but this folks is one of my grail Transformers. 

Toy Review Tuesday: Arcee Comparisons

I understand I'm a day late but I was making a special set of vids. See I was able to procure a Hasbro Generations Arcee before they hit shelves but I also picked up Mastermind Creations Azalea the Avenger. On top of that I have the Perfect Effect Motobot RC 1. So I decided to do all three of them to show you some of the things available in the buyers market for Arcee figures.

New Trilogy of Dragonlance Novels Coming From Original Authors

While it looked like a legal dispute would end up putting the Dragonlance book revival to bed, things are back on track with the...