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Toy Review Tuesday: Voltron Legendary Defender Yellow Lion Review

Hey guess what nerds and nerdettes the toy reviews are back. And all this week we’re looking at the Voltron Legendary Defenders Lions.

Toy Review Tuesday: Legacy Ninja Megazord

This week's brand new episode of Toy Review Tuesday is taking a look at the third season of zords from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.  Come inside to check it out! 

Toy Review Tuesday: Transformers Masterpiece MP 29 Hot Rodimus

This week's Toy Review Tuesday is taking a look at another Masterpiece Transformer. Now I have to say the releases of these are coming a lot faster and Masterpiece Hot Rodimus kind of snuck up on me.  Come inside to check out my thoughts! 

Toy Review Tuesday: Star Wars The Black Series Finn (FN-2187)

This isn't the review I wanted to post today but thanks to the postal service and President's Day which is clearly a plot to keep new Transformers out of my hands I have this one. So check it out I found the other rare one from this wave of Star Wars The Black Series. 

Toy Review Tuesday: S.H. Figuarts Kamen Rider Drive

Japanese stuff like Super Sentai and Kamen Rider are my jam and finally S.H. Figuarts has released their long awaited figure of the title character. It's a really good series that you should check out but enough of that. Here's the review.

Toy Review Wednesday: Masterpiece Star Saber

Okay I know I'm a day late but it's for a good reason. Thanks to a certain delivery service this got to me a few days late but this folks is one of my grail Transformers. 

Toy Review Tuesday: Rower Rangers and Link

This Tuesday we're taking a look at the Super Robot Chogokin line and this awesome Dekaranger Robo and Figma's Link from Skyward Sword. While the Figma line is growing on me I still like Figuarts over it but man the Dekaranger Robo is one fine figure. Check out the reviews.

Toy Review Tuesday: Kamen Rider Drive

Welcome to another new episode of Toy Review Tuesday, in which I take a look at all of the Kamen Rider Drive materials including the figures and drive itself.  Come inside to find out if these are worth your time and money for collectibles, or if you should save up for something else.  

Throwback Thursday Toy Review Optimal Optimus

Here's my Throwback Thursday review and it's the big bossmonkey from Transformers Beast Wars, Optimal Optimus. Check out this review after the jump!

USPS Launching New Star Wars Stamps This Spring

Heads up Star Wars fans/collectors, the Post Office is launching a new series of stamps, inspired by your favorite droids later this year! This isn't...