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Atari Announces That The ATARI VCS is Now Available for Pre-order

Atari is coming out with a New CONSOLE?!  Well, we have gone through reboots of old franchises before lets see if this will be any good. 

BREAKING NEWS – Disney buys Nintendo for Six Billion [Update]

In what seems like an odd day to announce the news that Disney has started the acquisition of gaming’s beloved company.

Awesome Video Games Based on Movies

I got to review a game recently and to many this chance wouldn’t be all that exciting. It was Captain America and after being punished by Sega with Thor I wasn’t too excited either. You see video games and movies have always had a very volatile relationship. Either Hollywood is messing up a video game by making it a movie that has nothing to do with the game. Or a developer is creating a really crappy game based off a movie to make a quick buck.

The World of Warcraft Movie: A Quick and Dirty Guide to...

There is a world that exists within our world.  It is a realm of pure imagination.  It is the haven of escape for millions upon millions of gamers worldwide.  And it is coming to a theater near you.  I'm speaking about the juggernaut of the gaming world, that unstoppable giant created by famed company Blizzard.  I'm speaking of World of Warcraft.  The massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG or MMO to those veterans of the game) has developed a following greater than most real world followings.  Its popularity has spawned real world families, communities, and even economies.  Its population and GNP rivals that of most countries on the planet.  And soon, it will come storming onto the big screen in all its magnificent splendor.  But to many people, even gamers, the name World of Warcraft (dubbed "WoW" by some) is just a name surrounded by an even greater mystery: what is it exactly?  What follows is a nutshell guide intended to inform and educate moviegoers about World of Warcraft, its digital inhabitants, and the power players behind the epic adaptation.

New ‘The Old Republic’ Trailer Proves Why George Lucas Should Let...

The latest cinematic trailer for Star Wars: The Old Republic has just debuted at this year's E3 event.  After watching it, it's almost plain to see this as the proof needed that George Lucas should let others handle his story from here on out...

Videogames or Movies, Who is the Better Storyteller?

Time and time again we look into how video games are not adapting well to film. We dive down into the cracks and explain how we would fix it. We talk about games that would make fantastic movies, (and directors that should stay away from them).  However there is one key aspect people seem to be missing. Video games are starting to become better story tellers than many Hollywood movies, and at the end of that road maybe a video game will be the front runner to a film.

Ubisoft shows the correct way to approach a videogame movie

Big videogame publisher Ubisoft appears to be testing the waters on film adaptations on a couple of their biggest game franchises.  A seemingly innocent looking survey, sent out to fans and gamers may point to the directions they plan on taking, and could be the best possible way ever, to approach an adaptation.

Super Mario Bros. Indie Film Might Be The Best Film at...

I know with the event still taking place, that it's pretty too early to deem any video the "best of show", but considering what I'm about to show you, I'm fairly confident in my claim that I've seen the best video that SXSW has to offer.

‘Gears of War’ movie is hitting restart

The film adaptation of the popular gaming franchise has hit a few snags and the game's designer talks briefly about the lack of progress at Comic-Con.

Casually Criterion Plays The Game in Latest Episode

On this week's Casual Cinecast, we've got a new Casually Criterion episode as we discuss The Game and share our thoughts on Godzilla vs....