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45-Minutes With Watch Dogs Legion | E3 2019

In my Watch Dogs: Legion hands-on playthrough, the goal was simple: Investigate people's lives, solve their problems, and recruit them. I had the chance to...

Watch dogs and Assassins Creed Black Flag absolutely free right now!

Festive days are here folks! Ubisoft is offering a small selection of classics (I use the term ‘classics’ loosely, really meaning two of their most talked about titles over the past five years…  and World in Conflict)

Open World Games Need A New Formula

As technology has improved within the gaming industry, the open-world gaming genre has found more prominence in the market. As worlds grow larger, however, I’m starting to find myself less interested in exploring them...

Clear Your Name With the Launch Trailer for Watch Dogs 2

Ubisoft's Watch Dogs sequel is about to activate, worldwide.  In preparation for its big release, check out the new launch trailer that gives gamers a better understanding of Watch Dogs 2!

Catch the Zodiac Killer With the Pre-Order of Watch Dogs 2

For years, the San Francisco Police Department couldn't catch the Zodiac Killer.  With the pre-order of Watch Dogs 2, you can have the chance to solve the mysteries and find the legendary serial killer.  Come inside for the trailer!

Watch Dogs 2 Adds New and Familiar PVP Modes

Ubisoft has revealed that their San Francisco sequel of Watch Dogs will feature a PVP mode from the Windy City, as well as some new ones, exclusive to the Golden State!  Find out more about Bounty Hunter mode below!

Watch Dogs 2 Confirmed For E3

Ubisoft has confirmed that Watch Dogs 2 will be shown at this years E3.

Watch Dogs Finally Comes to the Wii U in November

While gamers have been happily exploring the virtual city of Chicago thanks to Ubisoft's Watch_Dogs, Wii U owners have only been able to watch them play it.  Now, however, Ubisoft has finally revealed the release date of their open-world game for Nintendo's home console, and the tweaks that have been made to take advantage of the system's Gamepad.  Come inside to learn more!

The Fathergamer Podcast #36 Watch Dogs, Gunnar Optiks and Pre-E3

In this episode we discuss our first impressions of Watch Dogs. Eric talks to Joe Croft, the CEO and Co-Founder of Gunnar Optiks. We...

Watch Dogs Makes Fun Of Xbox Kinect Spy Theory

Watch Dogs is a game about spying through technology, so of course they took a quick swipe at some common theories. One being Kinect. 

Star Wars: Victory’s Price – An Alphabet Squadron Novel Has A...

Today we got our first look at the cover for "Star Wars: Victory's Price", the epic conclusion to the Star Wars: Alphabet Squadron trilogy! Looks...