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LEGO DC Super-Villians Launch Trailer Comes Early, Hypes Fans for October...

The launch trailer for Lego DC Super Villians is here and man does it look fantastic! 

Is There a Post Credit Scene On Justice League?

Jason Momoa is national treasure. He is looking out for the fans, and letting you know if you should stay, or go, during those Justice League Credits!

Black Adam to Face Off Against The Suicide Squad

The Suicide Squad needs a new mission for the sequel to the academy award winning superhero film. Could The Rock be that mission?

Suicide Squad 2 Finds a Director

Warrior helmer has been tasked to bring us a new script, and possibly direct the eventual sequel to the Academy Award Winning DC Film!


Examining Hollywood Remakes: Man of Steel

 Since it’s Memorial Day, this seems like a good time to dissect the remake of the film about a (super) man who represents “truth, justice and the American way.” This week, Cinelinx looks at Man of Steel.

Ben Affleck Rumored To Appear In Three Stand Alone Batman Films

We all know Ben Affleck is the new Batman and it will start in Batman Vs Superman, but what comes after? There are rumors of cameo appearances, but he may be starring in three stand alone Batman films! Check it out after the jump.

San Diego Comic Con Needs To Expand Beyond The Convention Center

San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) has come and gone and with it came lots of exciting news for geeks, nerds, or whatever you want to call us. We saw movie trailers, stars do funny stuff, and cosplay galore. Yet one thing seems to be scratching a few people the wrong way, leaked trailers. With dozens of sites and outlets looking to grab the scoop, someone, somewhere snuck a camera in and captured it. Is it wrong? Or should studios finally explore something bigger… like E3?

His Dark Materials: Lyra’a Oxford Gift Edition Coming This Fall

After the recent release of The Golden Compass Illustrated Edition an oversized, lavishly illustrated collector’s edition of Philip Pullman’s beloved fantasy classic, a now...