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Toy Review Tuesday: S.H. Figuarts Kamen Rider Mach and Ride Macher

Hey guys it's Toy Review Tuesday time and I've got the S.H. Figuarts Kamen Rider Mach and his Ride Macher. It's no secret I dig the show Kamen Rider Drive and these figures are incredibly well done, doing justice to the TV series.  Come inside to find out why!

SCNS Live: S4 EP 18 – SDCC Postgame

This week's new episode of the Super Cool Nerd Show is all about wrapping up, and talking about our adventures from San Diego Comic Con, including videos from our time there, the favorite things we saw, and more.  Come inside to watch!

SCNS Live – S4 Ep 17 – SDCC Preview Episode

This week's new episode of the Super Cool Nerd Show is getting ready for San Diego Comic-Con and all the goodness the event will be bringing, along with sweet toy reviews, and a very sad goodbye to one of our regular cast members.  Come inside to check it out! 

Toy Review Tuesday: Fansprojects Volar and Velos (Not Swoop)

So this is not a Transformer, nor a certain Dinobot that looks like Swoop. Is that all the legal speak I need to get out of the way? Okay cool. So we're three bots of six into Fansproject's homage to the Dinobots. This one also comes with a fix for the first offering Columpia in the form of a new hip piece. Plus net to Grimlock I'm pretty sure Swopp is one of my favorites. Check out the video.

SCNS Live Season 3 – Episode 31

The crew is back together for an all new episode of the Super Cool Nerd Show to discuss their experiences at the first ever Creative Women's Conference, as well as all the latest geek news that you care about.  Come inside to watch all the shenanigans!

SCNS: Live Season 3 – Episode 2

Season 3 of the Super Cool Nerd Show is still going and strong and last night's second episode is no different.  Come inside to check out all the shenanigans, new segments, recap from the North Texas Comic Book Show, and oodles of nerdalicious news that you've come to love from us!

SCNS Live: Episode 22 – Equality in Comics

The Super Cool Nerd Show crew is coming at you live tonight directly from the ultimate nerd hangout...the comic book store.  Tonight's topic is going to be equality in comics. In this day and age are comics truly a reflection of society today?  Come in to watch the show live tonight, and be sure to sound off with your thoughts as we discuss them!

Jackass One: A Star Wars Podcast – Episode IXX

It’s another episode of Jackass One: A Star Wars Podcast, and The Galactic Senate are talking Ahsoka Tano! This week on Jackass One, Darth Jah-Cass...