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Cuphead to Test Xbox Live Capabilities on Switch

Cuphead will be so much more than a port on Nintendo Switch.  It's about to test whether or not Xbox Live is compatible for Nintendo Switch.  More within...

Microsoft Plans to Bring Xbox Live to Nintendo Switch, iOS, &...

Next month, Microsoft plans to outline their plans to expand Xbox Live to the uncharted platforms of Mobile devices and Nintendo Switch!  More within...

DC Universe Online Finally Available on XBOX One

The studio responsible for the only Online Universe set in the DC Universe is finally making its way to XBOX One!  Come inside for more details!

The Arcade Comes Home; Bandai Namco to Release 4 Classic Arcade...

Bandai Namco is about to digitally release classic arcade games onto next-gen consoles!  Come inside to find out which ones and ways to get back that nostalgic feeling!

Halo World Championship Begins in December With New Grand Prize

A few months ago at Gamescom, Halo fans rejoiced as the Halo World Championship was announced.  Today, we have more information regarding the schedule and a new grand prize!

Fallout 4 Ships Over 12 Million Copies In A Day

Fallout 4 was expected to be a huge hit, but we now know that it has broken several opening day records.

The New XBOX One Experience Has Arrived

A New XBOX One Experience has updated consoles across the world.  What is this massive new update?  We've got the details.

Madden NFL 15 Release Date Revealed

Gamers and Football fans rejoice! Electronic Arts, Inc has finally given us a release date for Madden NFL 15! Plus, they released a pretty cool trailer.  More inside!

Hands-On With World of Tanks 360 (Preview)

My experience with the 360 version of the immensely popular PC phenomenon, World of Tanks 360, has been extremely enjoyable so far. The battles can be a little slower than the average shooter, but the trade off is a real sense of strategy. From choosing the right upgrade or making sure you shoot out your enemy’s treads, strategy is the only way to really survive these WWll battlefields.

Wings Of Ebony – Review

In this riveting, keenly emotional debut fantasy from author J. Elle, Wings of Ebony follows a Black teen from Houston who has her world...