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New JUSTICE LEAGUE Clip Shows Superman Back In Black

As the anticipation continues to build for the arrival of the Synder cut of JUSTICE LEAGUE on HBO Max, fans where treated to a new...

The Man From U.N.C.L.E. Looks To Be Returning As The Man...

It is becoming a surreal couple of weeks for Warner Media. 1st the announcement that the ,Zack Snyder cut of Justice League will be...

The SNYDER CUT Will Be Released On HBO Max

Whelp...... it's finally happening. After a couple of years of rumors, doubts, hashtags, campaigns, tweets and an overloaded Vero account, the Zack Snyder cut...

Damon Lindelof In Talks To Create Watchmen TV Series on HBO

HBO could be about to add another monumental TV series to their lineup with an adaptation of a cult classic The Watchmen.  See below for more!

Zack Snyder Stepping Back from Justice League Following Personal Tragedy

Zack Snyder will not be able to finish the Justice League movie.  The reason behind his sudden departure is the most tragic thing no parent should ever have to endure.  More information below.

Stand United in the Official Justice League Trailer

After a two day campaign to promote an exclusive new Justice League trailer, Warner Bros. and DC have finally released the latest trailer for the Superhero Team-up!  Check it out!

Patrick Wilson to Play Villain in Aquaman Movie

Aquaman Director James Wan has found his villain for the undersea thriller!  Come inside to learn more about Patrick Wilson and which villain he'll portray!

5 Reasons Tyler Hoechlin Is A Better Superman Than Henry Cavill

Tyler Hoechlin recently made his debut appearance on the CW’s Supergirl as Superman. His two appearances have gone over so well that there is already talk of a possible Superman TV series with Hoechlin in the title role. This reaction is drastically different than the polarizing response Henry Cavill got for portraying the hero from Krypton in the DCEU theatrical films. Hoechlin deserves praise for bringing back the Superman that most fans really want. Here are five reasons why Tyler Hoechlin makes a better Superman than Henry Cavill.

Justice League Director Shows Off New Tactical Batsuit

A new batsuit has been revealed by Zack Snyder's twitter profile!  Check it out and let us know what you think of the new suit!

What Dawn of Justice Could Have Learned From World’s Finest

 DC/WB is currently in reconstruction mode, launching their new DC Film Division under Geoff Johns, who wants to bring “hope and optimism” back to the DCEU. Therefore, this is a good time to look back on one of DC/WB’s recent missteps and how they could have benefited from an examination of their earlier, lighter projects. We’re going to examine how Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice could have been improved by studying the 1997 animated film The Batman/Superman Movie: World’s Finest.

Turtle Beach Announces Stealth 600 & Stealth 700 Gen 2 Gaming...

With the next generation of gaming rapidly approaching, Turtle Beach is rolling out their next generation of Stealth series gaming headsets. This morning, video...