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The Goldfinch

The Goldfinch is the feature film adaptation of the popular Donna Tart novel by the same name. Unfortunately, it doesn’t do its source material any justice. 

Daybreakers 4K Ultra HD Combo Pack

Sink your teeth into the vampire horror flick Daybreakers, on 4K for the first time! Here's our review!

Aladdin (2019) Blu-Ray

Disney’s live-action take on Aladdin has arrived on blu-ray, and if you missed it in theaters, this one is definitely worth your time to pick up. Come inside for our full review!

Wolfenstein Youngblood

To say I am a fan of iD software could be a slight understatement, the studio has always been very near and dear to my heart, especially with games like Wolfenstein and DOOM.  When it was originally announced that Machine Games would be taking over the Wolfenstein series I did have my hesitations, but to see the series from what it was to what it is now, I have to say Machine Games was the right choice to take over this amazing series. With that said, there have already been two games in the series that were full of Nazi killing fun, but now with the help of Arkane Studios, we are seeing a Wolfenstein like never before. Wolfenstein Youngblood is the first Co-op game in franchise history but does it live up to past or does Youngblood go in a direction we don't want to follow? Let's Dive in…