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Journey to Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker – Force Collector

This week’s new book release takes fans on a historical trip through the Star Wars galaxy with Force Collector. Is the latest Journey to The Rise of Skywalker addition worth picking up? Check out my review to see what I thought! 

Charlie’s Angels (2019)

19 years ago, Charlie’s Angels hit the big screen and I absolutely loved that movie, three years later they followed it up with Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle and to put it bluntly the movie sucked. Now that the movie is in the hands of Elizabeth Banks, will she be able to do a better job than what we saw in the last film? First of all, the Townsend Agency has existed for over 40 years. The Angels you may have watched in the 1976 TV series with Jill, Sabrina, & Kelly (and later Kris, Tiffany, and Julie) to the two films with Dylan, Natalie, & Alex have all happened. Banks has said “Charlie’s Angels was the beginning of female empowerment on TV. So, when we started the process of continuing Charlie’s Angels, we wanted to incorporate everything that had come before.”  The organization has grown to become an international agency with John Bosley (Patrick Stewart) being the first man who has worked with the Angels for years. As John retires after 40 years of service, he is replaced by … Rebekah “Bosley” or “Boz” (Elizabeth Banks). As a sign of respect to the original, all directors of a Townsend International agency are referred to as: Bosley. The movie concentrates on 3 women as the main part of the story, however, there are many women within the organization. In one scene they show a Strike team of about 6-8 women on a mission kicking ass. The story itself has some elements of some other movies I’ve seen, Mission Impossible 1 was the one that stood out to me (Again I say SOME elements of the movie, it’s not a direct copy of M.I.) and even a little of Full Throttle. That said, originality is not a strong point of this movie, but how many movies today have a truly original story? Thankfully, they kept away from the over-the-top comedy of the previous movies and kept it to a few “haha” moments throughout the film.

Ford v Ferrari

Ford vs. Ferrari is the latest historical drama recreating a famous sporting rivalry for the big screen. It is a compelling, if somewhat simplified, effort to show how two legends of racing made their mark on history.

War of the Spark: Forsaken (Book)

The latest novel set in the world of Magic the Gathering picks up where the previous one left off, giving our heroes even more magical troubles, and mysteries, to deal with. Is the return to Ravnica worthwhile? Read my full review to see my full thoughts on the latest fantasy novel release!