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Sometimes we look back to our childhood and wish video games were as good as they used to be. Beenox, of course, knows how near and dear the Crash Series is to fans hearts, so with CTR Nitro Fueled the team set out to make this the most fun and visually stunning kart racing game on the market. Does Crash Team Racing: Nitro Fueled live up to the original PlayStation release, or did it go flat on the track a long time ago? Let's find out now….

Team Sonic Racing – REVIEW

Over the years, racing games have gone from once dominating every console to now being a genre that is running really low on fuel. That is until now, Sumo Digital and SEGA have not only created a fun Sonic game but they have turned me into a Sonic fan once again with Team Sonic Racing...let's dive in!

Us (Blu-Ray)

Jordan Peele’s deeply disturbing US arrives on 4K/Blu-Ray this week and while it’s light on bonus features, it’s a film that certainly values multiple viewings. Come inside for my full review of this week’s new release!

Men in Black: International

The Men in Black franchise has thus far subsisted on wacky tongue-in-cheek humor, sci-fi shenanigans, and the charisma between its opposite-attracts stars Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones. But what happens when you bring in an entirely new set of actors?