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Check out the Hot new trailer for Demon On Wheels!

Demon On Wheels tells the story of a former hot rodder turned rusty engineer. For some time he has put the passion at rest, allowing time for the rest of his life to finally catch up. But will his choice to return to his passion come between him, his wife, and his worsening health? You’ll have to see Christina Eliopoulos’s love story muscle-car hybrid documentary Demon On Wheels, to find out. 


Dark Comedy, Camino, Looking for Help on Kickstarter

In today's Indie Beat a brand new comedy film (with a dark twist to it), is looking for some funding help in order to pad out their cast and make the best possible movie they can.  In just a few days they're already past the half-way point, but need just a little more to push them over the top.  Come inside to learn more and see how you can help!


New Movie Poster and Stills from Fairfield

In today's Indie Beat the upcoming coming-of-age story (which just so happens to take place during the start of the zombie apocalypse of course) has a brand new movie poster and stills from the film to show off.  Come inside to check them out!