Movie Buffs

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Movies Buffs exist in a culture all on their own, and that's why we've dedicated this part of Cinelinx entirely to them.  Here we'll be gathering unique and interesting stories dealing with movie buff culture direct to the people who care about it the most. 

The Nerds Are Coming! The Nerds Are Coming!

Chances are if you recognize the phrase “It’s a cookbook! A cookbook!” or “All your base are belong to us” or even “Shop smart…Shop S-Mart,” you’re probably a nerd. If you have ever, in all seriousness, wished that the Force was with someone, you’re probably a nerd.  Of course these are examples of your more overt nerd; the game playing, dress-up, convention going nerd.  But there is an invasion taking place, a silent one no one was prepared for, nor saw coming.


What to do with DC

DC Entertainment has made some interesting choices lately.  They basically won their court case regarding the Superman license.  The judge’s decision gave them the right to make another Superman movie as long as they start production before the end of 2011 and they can no longer mention or have anything to do with his origin.