Final Draft 13 is Available…NOW

Those looking to kick off the New Year with some script writing can do so with the latest version of Final Draft, thanks to a surprise release!

Surprise, Final Draft 13 is out right now! The latest iteration of the long-used screenwriting software brings all new tools and many user-requested features for writers to dive into:

Final Draft, a Cast & Crew Company, has launched its latest update, Final Draft 13, today in a surprise drop. The new Final Draft 13 introduces tools designed to empower writers to customize their workspace and le verage powerful story-planning tools, unleashing productivity and helping writers reach their goals. Widely acclaimed as the most creator-centered and best-selling screenwriting software globally, Final Draft stands as the preferred tool for professional writers worldwide.

“With Final Draft 13, writers have more tools than ever to enhance productivity,” says Shelly Mellott, President of Final Draft. “We’re excited to help writers set goals for projects and track them to completion. This new version also offers more ways to customize the workspace and prewriting process than ever before. From powerful outlining and character building tools in the Navigator to color-coded structure lines that guide you through the scriptwriting process, Final Draft 13 makes writing—and writing more—so much easier.”


Final Draft 13 offers more workspace customization than any other screenwriting tool. This is the result of a renewed emphasis on tailoring the Final Draft workflow to suit different types of work. Among the significant additions are:


Goal setting and productivity tools – The ability to set writing goals and track your progress. Record your longest writing streak, current writing streak, peak days, peak times, and more to help you write more when you write best. Get valuable insights on your writing habits and productivity, identify trends, and then share your sprint on social for accountability!


Navigator 2.0 – Customize your Navigator for a full view and control of your script. Outline directly in the Navigator, edit scene headings, monitor inclusivity stats, and so much more.

Character Development Tools – Use the new Navigator 2.0 to explore your characters. Track how much screen time each character gets, see how often different characters interact, even assign characters voices to read your script back to you!

Emoji – Sprinkle emoji across scripts, beats, title pages, and ScriptNotes. Craft more realistic on screen text and social media exchanges, while making your notes more emotive.

Typewriter – Kick it old-school with a new typewriter-like view option that automatically scrolls to keep the line you’re working on centered, improving focus and ergonomics.

Midnight Mode – Take Night Mode to the edge with a sleek new alternative dark view theme.

Enhanced Outline Editor – Add, label, and customize lanes in Outline Editor for more organized, effective story planning.

Improved Beat Board – Customize your Beats to display only what you want to see and how you want to see it.

Structure Lines – Assign colors to outlines, acts, sequences, and scenes to track them visually in your script.

Custom-Color PDFs – Create printable files that pop in Night Mode, Midnight Mode and your own themes.

Head on over to the Final Draft website to learn more about the new release, and snag (or upgrade to) Final Draft 13.

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