LEGO - Darth Vader's Castle Speed Build/Review

LEGO - Darth Vader's Castle Speed Build/Review

Just before the holidays, Amazon released an exlcusive LEGO Star Wars set to allow fans to build Darth Vader's castle, and we put it together. Come inside to check out our thoughts on the big LEGO set. 

I've put together a lot of LEGO sets in my time. I enjoyed playing with them as a kid, and just within the last year or so, I've become re-enamored with the buildable playsets. As a Star Wars fan/collector, I've been eagerly gobbling up whichever sets I've been able to. Most recently, I had the opportunity to snag the Amazon exclusive Darth Vader's Castle set and man...I was excited: 

This is a pretty great set. It's large, but still fun to put together, and looks incredible. Great for play or display, if you have the money for it, this is definitely a set you don't want to miss out on.