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5 Retro Star Wars Games Worth Dusting Off Your Old Consoles...

Earlier this week, Star Wars Battlefront released on consoles, at last ushering in a new age in Star Wars gaming.  As such, this seems like the perfect time to look back at the best Star wars games worth dusting off your old consoles for.  Come inside to check it out!  

Check Out This “Real Life” FPS Played Online

A group of people have made a "real life" FPS in their own garden and then let people online play the game. It's rather neat so come check it out!

The Fathergamer Podcast Episode 53

In this all new episode of TFGP, we discuss the latest gaming news from Gamescom. We also talk about our time with Rare Replay and Rocket League. We also have a very disturbing selection of WTF stories.

The Reality of Video Game Remakes & The Industry’s Long Love...

Take a peak around any gaming community these days and you’ll find complaints in abundance about the recent trend of video game remakes/ports to new consoles. I hate to break it to you, but it’s not a new trend.  Let’s talk about the history of gaming remakes and why they serve a more important purpose than pissing off people. 

E3 20 Years of Memories

It's been 20 Years of E3 and we'd like to take a moment, here at Cinelinx, to go over our favorite E3 memories over the last 20 years.

E3 2015: What We Hope To See

Our Journey to E3 continues with a brand new video countdown, in which the Cinelinx team gathers together to discuss the game titles and reveals they all hope to see revealed, or shown, at this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo.  Come inside to watch! 

5 Great Retro Game Movie Tie-Ins

These days, movie tie-in games have developed a poor reputation, and seen mostly as quick and dirty cash-ins than enjoyable gaming experiences.  That wasn’t always the case, however, and back in the day, gamers were treated to some amazing games based on their favorite films.  Today, I’m looking back at some of the most enjoyable retro games that happen to be movie tie-ins! 

Fan Creations: Doom Lego’s, Netflix On NES, And Assassin’s Creed Pranks

There have been a few fan creations and video games popping up on my feed lately, so I figured let's toss a couple of them into one article for you! Check out what fans are doing with inspiration from our favorite video games!

Video Game Movies Are Improving, But Why Have They Been So...

When I was young I was fascinated with video games. I still am to this day, but I had a passion burning that had me wanting to make games. I still dream of one day entering that E3 stage, but things turned a bit for me. I grew up during a time that was still developing game design, and programming. So I didn’t have a lot for me. What I did have was film, so I transitioned into making movies since I figured it was the closest thing to making video games. Yet to this day I still fight to bridge the two industries because the film industry simply does not accept videogames. This is why I believe video game movies are so terrible.


Games We Love – Doom

There are only two games that I can play repeatedly pretty much my whole life and never get bored of them. Doom and Metal Gear Solid, but for this I will focus on Doom. I don’t know what exactly it is with this game, but it’s well over 20 years old and pretty out dated in every way possible, and yet here I am with a PS4 waiting for it to get ported to it somehow, someway. Why?

Geek Pick of the Week: Prime 1 Studio’s Jurassic Park Diorama

Prime 1 Studio has just announced an incredible new diorama/statue based on one of the most iconic scenes in Jurassic Park, making an easy...