April 2023 Movie Releases

April is coming in hard and fast with movie releases on both the big screen and small. Here are all the films coming this month and where to watch them.

From Renfield, to Super Mario Bros., a Mighty Morphin reunion, and oodles of streaming and VOD options, April is stacked with movies to watch as we prepare to head into the Summer Movie Season.

Movie TitleRelease DatePlatform
Pretty Baby: Brooke ShieldsApril 3, 2023Hulu
Hunt ClubApril 4, 2023VOD
Fist of the CondorApril 4, 2023Limited
JuniperApril 4, 2023VOD
Color BlindApril 4, 2023VOD
AirApril 5, 2023Theaters
On a Wing and a PrayerApril 5, 2023Theaters
The Super Mario Bros. MovieApril 5, 2023Theaters
PaintApril 7, 2023Theaters
ColonialsApril 7, 2023Limited
Living With ChuckyApril 7, 2023VOD
Chupa April 7, 2023Netflix
The Doom GenerationApril 7, 2023Limited
Gangs of LagosApril 7, 2023Prime Video
How to Blow Up a PipelineApril 7, 2023Limited
Oh BelindaApril 7, 2023Netflix
Praise ThisApril 7, 2023Peacock
HungerApril 8, 2023Netflix
El HoubApril 11, 2023VOD
CubeApril 11, 2023Shudder
Black BagsApril 11, 2023VOD
ObsessionApril 13, 2023Netflix
The Lost Weekend, A Love StoryApril 13, 2023Limited
The Pope's ExorcistApril 14, 2023Theaters
RenfieldApril 14, 2023Theaters
Mafia MamaApril 14, 2023Theaters
SweetwaterApril 14, 2023Theaters
One True LovesApril 14, 2023VOD
The Last Kingdom: Seven Kings Must DieApril 14, 2023Netflix
SuzumeApril 14, 2023Limited
Longest Third DateApril 18, 2023Netflix
The Reaper ManApril 18, 2023VOD
Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: Once and AlwaysApril 19, 2023Netflix
QuasiApril 20, 2023Hulu
KodachromeApril 20, 2023Netflix
Evil Dead RiseApril 21, 2023Theaters
Guy Ritchie's The CovenantApril 21, 2023Theaters
ChevalierApril 21, 2023Theaters
The Best ManApril 21, 2023Limited
War of the Worlds: The AttackApril 21, 2023Limited
GhostedApril 21, 2023Apple TV+
A Tourist's Guide to LoveApril 21, 2023Netflix
Judy Blume ForeverApril 21, 2023Prime Video
Exhibit #8April 25, 2023VOD
The TankApril 25, 2023VOD
My Happy EndingApril 25, 2023VOD
Are you There God? It's Me MargaretApril 28, 2023Theaters
Big George ForemanApril 28, 2023Theaters
The Black DemonApril 28, 2023Limited
Sisu April 28, 2023Limited
Peter Pan & WendyApril 28, 2023Disney+
Polite SocietyApril 28, 2023Limited

Which April movie are you most excited to watch?

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