Hot Wheels: Rift Rally is a Step Forward | Video Review

The latest mixed-reality racing game from Velan Studios, Hot Wheels: Rift Rally, launches today and is a fun, addictive, racing game that will keep you coming back.

The developers behind Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit are back with an all new mixed reality racing game. Instead of being limited to the Nintendo Switch, however, Hot Wheels: Rift Rally brings the action to mobile devices (iOS) and the PlayStation consoles (note, only the mobile version was available for me to review at the time). While the idea/mechanics remain largely the same, Rift Rally isn’t merely an expansion to more platforms, it takes mixed-reality racing to another level.

They were kind enough to send me a copy of Hot Wheels: Rift Rally (which includes the Chameleon car, charging cable, and gates) to test it out, and I’ve pretty much had the track set up in my house ever since. Combining the fun of remote control cars with all the bells and whistles you want out of a racing game, there’s plenty to discuss. Check out my full video review, including plenty of gameplay, below:

It’s just a lot of fun. Between the ridiculous amount of unlockable cars, a fairly hefty “campaign mode,” and infinite possibilities with creating your own tracks, there’s a lot of gameplay to keep you busy. Considering the fact they can add even more cars, tracks, and tricks down the road it’s something you could be playing with years down the road.

All in all, I’m pretty impressed. It manages to take the cool ideas they introduced with Mario Kart Live and take them to the next step. It’s impressive how much it feels like you’re racing and doing stunts, even as the physical car putters around your house. My kids had a blast playing and even just watching others play as well.

While the initial price of $130 may seem like a big jump (thankfully the software/game itself is free), it’s a good quality remote control car, and the upgraded gates for the track will certainly last longer.

If you love racing games, RC cars, or are a big Hot Wheels fan/collector, Rift Rally is an excellent game to pick up. There’s tons of fun to be had and finding fun ways to incorporate your house into your tracks is something everyone can enjoy.

Hot Wheels: Rift Rally is available starting TODAY, March 31st, from GameStop coming in both Standard and Collector’s Editions.

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