GKIDS obtains Global Home Entertainment Rights for Season 1 of ‘Arcane’

In huge news, season 1 of the hit Netflix series Arcane will be receiving a home video release courtesy of GKIDs.

Earlier today, GKIDS teased they had good news to share before dropping a bombshell: they’ve acquired the global home entertainment rights for the first season of Netflix’s Arcane and will be doing a full physical release of the season later this year, up to and including a 4K release.

This is massive news as Netflix is notorious for keeping most of their original content away from a physical release no matter how much fans beg for one. Perhaps Netflix and GKIDS coming to terms on a release for Arcane means that the streaming giant will be open more physical media releases of their content in the future.

There’s currently no word on when GKIDS will release the first season of Arcane but we here at Cinelinx will keep you updated when that information becomes available.

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Becky O'Brien
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