First Details And Gameplay Of Phantom Line Released

Originally titled Project Hornet the game gets a new title and some early gameplay footage to get you amped up!

The upcoming PvE shooter looks visually incredible in the new trailer, check it out:

The game is developed by Antistatic Studios, and is set in a post nuclear planet, with some paranormal things going on. You get placed with a team of your friends in an open world where you basically get to be a cool ghostbuster that gets rid of spirits. The world is set to be ever changing and dynamic with how you play.

You can read more about it below:

PHANTOM LINE is a co-op (1-4) shooter set in the post-nuclear European continent. Your mission is to search and contain anomalies – paranormal activity hidden from the public eye, in an open world map full of dynamic events.
THE OPERATOR – You are in an elite spec-op unit, working for Mortfield Industries, a megacorp that gave you a second chance. You‘ve been selected for the Operator Simulation Program called H.U.S.K., where you can transfer your consciousness between artificial bodies. Use H.U.S.K.s in your tactics: scout, distract, decoy, or utilize many other strategies and commands to gain an advantage over anything in the way.
ANOMALIES – Hidden from the public, our world is full of paranormal creatures and phenomena dubbed “anomalies.” Leaking into our world through rifts in the space-time fabric, these threats to humanity grow each day. Containing these extremely dangerous events requires the most elite Operators.
BASE UPGRADES – The Icebreaker ship, with a nuclear engine, will be your base of operations. Customize your H.U.S.K. and cabin, showcase your weapons and armors to your friends, modify your gear and body. Get briefed on a main deck for your next anomaly hunt.
WORLD – Nuclear war has just broken out, and you are sent to the disputed Iron Corridor – an Eastern European region torn by international tensions. Operators need to be self-sufficient should they become cut off. Improvise as necessary: use any resources available, gear up, and adjust your tactics to the situation on the ground. Hunt and cook the wild animals to maintain optimal health.
Humanity is at war – to fight the anomalous horror you must turn into one yourself. Wield the H.U.S.K.s for the cause. Gather and upgrade your body with Quintessence, a substance you get after containing anomalies. Become the ultimate anomaly hunter. Go die again.
Enroll today for an early playtest to xplore the co-op and open-world experience later this summer:
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