New Batman Ninja English Trailer And Blu-Ray Release Date Just Announced

From acclaimed anime screenwriter Kazuki Nakashima, known for such works as Gurren Lagann And Kill La Kill brings us a Batman story involving his nemesis The Joker, time travel, semi bald robin and a Sumo Bane….(that’s right…sumo Bane let that nugget of joy sink in).  With the English version of the Batman Ninja trailer coming along we now know the voice actors will be Roger Craig Smith as Batman, Tony Hale as the Joker, Grey Griffin as Catwoman , and of course the ever wonderful Tara Strong reprising her animated voice role as Harley Quinn.

batman ninja blu ray cover 1082949


The animation style may be jarring for some, but the art and direction of how incredible the action looks will have fans of Batman and anime genre alike itching to get a chance to see this new movie. WB/DC animation team never seems to fail when it comes to level of quality and this seems to be no different, in terms of talent behind it with the people involved known for the works in great titles such as Psycho Pass, Afro Samurai and classics like Spirited Away

The premise of the movie’s details are more known now that Batman and Batfamily i.e. Robin, Red Hood, Nightwing to name a few, are somehow transported back in time to feudal Japan where the Jokers rule is law. And seemingly has a whole army at his disposal the trailer (which you can find below) shows off Gorilla Grodd and what seems to be a giant mech like robot the Joker is controlling, and Batman in full on samurai gear.  

A matchup for the ages is gearing up when Batman Ninja releases on digital April 28th and available to everyone on blu-ray May 8th for $24.98 SRP

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