The Final Season of ‘Krypton’ Arrives on Blu-Ray in 2020

KRYPTON -- Season:1 -- Pictured:Cameron Cuffe as Seg-El -- (Photo by: Gavin Bond/Syfy)
The second and final season of Krypton will arrive on Blu-Ray and DVD in January 2020. Keep reading for more details.

While fans of the SyFy series set on Superman’s home planet in the years before its destruction were devastated at the news of the series’ unceremonious cancellation, there is the small consolation that the final season will now live forever on Blu-Ray and DVD starting early next year. Krypton’s final season will be available starting                January 14, 2020, and will have a number of extra features included.

Season two brings us back to a changed Kandor, locked in a battle over its freedom and its future. With Zod now in control, he’s on a ruthless mission to rebuild Krypton according to his ideals and to secure its future by conquering the universe. Faced with a bleak outlook, Superman’s ancestor, Seg-El, attempts to unite a dispersed group of resisters in an effort to defeat Zod and restore hope to their beloved planet.

  • The Fate of Superman
  • Villains: Modes of Persuasion
  1. Light Years From Home
  2. Ghost in the Fire
  3. Will to Power
  4. Danger Close
  5. A Better Yesterday
  6. In Zod We Trust
  7. Zods and Monsters
  8. Mercy
  9. Blood Moon
  10. The Alpha and the Omega

DVD: $24.98 SRP

Blu-Ray: $29.98 SRP

Krypton: The Complete Series will also be arriving on DVD in the near future.

DVD: $44.98 SRP

Blu-Ray: $54.97 SRP

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