Disney Commits to Theater Releases for Rest of 2021

The six films left on Disney’s 2021 slate will stick to theater releases but with shorter exclusive windows before hitting digitally.

It looks like Disney’s “experiment” with Shang-Chi in theaters was a successful one. As the latest Marvel flick has dominated the box office, Disney has announced they’re committing to theatrical releases (without day-and-date options) for the rest of the year. Like Shang-Chi, however, they will see a shorter exclusivity windows.

The new norm will be 45 days in theaters only before being available either digitally or on their streaming service. In REALLY good news for Disney fans, however, the upcoming animated musical, Encanto, with have only a 30-day window. So just a month after being in theaters it’ll be streaming on Disney Plus for free. It’s a nice treat for families during the upcoming Holiday season.

Here’s what Disney has left for 2021:

The Last Duel – October 15th

Ron’s Gone Wrong – October 22nd

Eternals – November 5th

Encanto – November 24th

West Side Story – December 10th

The King’s Man – December 22nd

Which of these upcoming films are you looking forward to most?

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