Dune: Part Two Is Official and Coming in 2023

Today Legendary and Warner Bros have officially announced Dune: Part Two is happening, confirming that Paul’s story will, blessedly, continue.

Denis Villeneuve’s Dune was always conceived as a two-part film, and at one point was set to film back-to-back. That didn’t happen, however, and the coming of the pandemic made plenty of fans worried that the sequel wouldn’t get the chance to see the light of day.

After a strong US opening, and impressive international box office returns, Legendary Pictures have officially announced the sequel is in development. Even better, Warner Bros. already has a release date set for it: October 20, 2023.

That seems pretty quick, and considering how the plan was always to do two films, it’s a safe bet that a LOT of pre-production work has already been handled and actor contracts were set-up with that in mind. Looks like filming probably won’t be too far away! It’s also crazy to think that puts a Dune movie just a couple months out from a new Star Wars movie (Rogue Squadron lands in December 2023). Nerds are definitely feasting.

Hopefully we’ll also get an update on the Sisterhood series coming to HBO Max as well. As Chani pointedly tells Paul at the end of the new Dune movie…”This is only the beginning.”

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